The breast lift or mastopexy is often requested because a woman’s breasts have become “droopy” or “saggy”. This is often seen after pregnancy/breast feeding completion, and with aging. The nipples are repositioned upward to their more natural position. One has to be aware that scarring is the natural result of incisions used to move the nipples upward. Some individuals scar acceptably, but others may scar poorly. This is often unpredictable despite meticulous surgical technique. This is also done under general anesthesia and with the patient sent home after the procedure. This can sometimes be combined with augmentation should someone request an increase in size as well. Dr. Seballos often stages or separates augmentation and breast lift procedures as two separate operations as he feels he has more control of final results by doing it this way. He may consider combining these two procedures if only a minor nipple elevation is needed.